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Shandong Wantong Hydraulic Co., Ltd
Shandong Wantong Hydraulic Co., Ltd
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??? Founded in 1995, with registration capital of 60 million RMB, Shandong Wantong Hydraulic Co., Ltd is specialized in hydraulic products design,R&D and manufacturing.We mainly produce Hydraulic Cylinder including Vehicle Hydraulic?Cylinder, Coal Mining Hydraulic?Cylinder, Engineering Hydraulic?Cylinder ,Oil field cylinder?and Ocean Engineering Hydraulic?Cylinder. Also we can design and manufacture various special purpose hydraulic cylinders such as agriculture hydraulic cylinder,industry hydraulic cylinder, 6 DOF platform, machine tools, etc.We have more than 120 kinds of hydraulic cylinder , our annual capacity is 200 thousand sets of cylinders which makes our company an important production base for hydraulic cylinders.

??? Our company covers an area of 180 thousand square meters (193 thousand square feet),and has more than 500 employees.We have solid and advanced production equipments including cold drawing line, heat treatment line, surface treatment line, testing machines and various CNC machines, totally 700 sets of machines. All production steps are finished in same factory which guarantees good quality and short lead time. All the products have passed validation of ISO/TS16949, CCRI, CCS, and DNV AND ABS,API,etc.


??? We have an excellent R&D team, they can use advanced design software to make our products and make them more precise by accurate measurement.To ensure every cylinder qualified, we have built our large size CNC hydraulic testing platform and our quality team will test and record each quality and function requirement to guarantee the products we supply to our customers are the best.


??? Our company has complete quality assurance and R&D system;designers constantly develop new product and process to meet increasing requirements of the market,and to ensure good function,good quality and good durability.The goal of our customer service center is to give prompt solution to our customer’s questions or suggestion.We will develop and test the products according to our customer’s requirements,and will redesign and rest according to customer’s feedbacks.Customer’s satisfaction to the product is our highest standard.

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